Can Aluminum Fly?

The next time you have a can of soda, throw the empty can across the room and see if aluminum can fly. Before you even do that I bet you can tell me what will happen. But I tell you, having been a professional pilot for almost 46 years, I can attest to the fact that indeed, aluminum can fly. It can fly very well, thank you! Yes, aluminum itself has no inherent property of flight. The difference between a soda can and a Boeing 777 is purpose, organization, information, energy and engineering. In other words, it took intentional design.

A modern jet airliner is composed of millions and millions of individual parts, but the interesting fact is not one of them can fly! It takes all those parts, working in unison and with a designed purpose, to actually launch you into the air, fly from Denver to New York City and safely land again.

alum_can_airplaneYou can take a sheet of aluminum, roll it up into a ball (simulating randomness), throw it through the air and it does not fly. But take that same sheet of aluminum and fold or mold it into wings and a fuselage and launch it into the air and it flies (1). What is the difference: purpose, information, organization, energy and engineering. You as the designer took an heavier than air object with no inherent ability for flight, added the proper ingredients, put in a little energy, and made it fly.

It took purpose, information, organization, energy and engineering to make it work. You also had a little help as the aluminum sheet had to be produced by ore being mined, melted, processed and flattened into thin, paper-like sheets. The airplane you created did not just appear into being, on its own, by itself, out of nothing.

So if it took all that intelligence, work and energy to make aluminum fly, what would make a person think otherwise when contemplating the origin of the earth and the universe which are many, many magnitudes more complex?

Everything we see on the earth and in this universe not only looks designed by someone, it was designed by someone. The Bible clearly states that the designer is the triune God, through the Lord Jesus Christ and not some outer space aliens. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.” (John 1).

It is a sad fact that not only do many evolutionists believe in a big bang, billions of years old universe, but so do many Christians. These believers have compromised both their faith and the Scriptures to accept the authority and word of man rather that the authority and Word of God.

That’s what this whole debate on creation versus evolution rests on folks; the Authority of Scripture. Either the Bible means what it says and says what it means or it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. Yes, I do trust in a literal interpretation of Genesis. Why? Because God has told us throughout Scripture (both in Old and New Testaments) that is how Genesis should be understood. Genesis is not myth nor fables nor poetry. It is literal history and history books are not symbolic.

Contrary to what many Christian leaders and pastors teach and believe, the topic of Creation is extremely important and foundational to all Christian doctrine. In Genesis 1, God says He created the world and the universe in the way and sequence he stated. If that is true, then the big bang, old earth evolutionary theory is false. If what God stated in Genesis 1 is not true then all of Christianity is false and the big bang theory reigns supreme.

Why? Because God either is lying or worse, doesn’t know what He is doing or talking about. If either one is true, then we are all in a heap of trouble folks! It would project a very bad outcome for God’s ability to raise me from the dead let alone give me eternal life. If evolution is true, then God created the world with death in it, so death is not the wages of sin as stated in Romans 6:23. If death is not the consequence of sin, then Jesus our Lord paid an awful price through His blood and suffering on the cross, for nothing.

To trust in Creation as taught in Genesis is to trust in the Gospel of life and the Authority of Scripture. To believe that God used evolution to bring life into existence on this earth is to follow the gospel of death, Darwinian evolution

I have taken a stand and have chosen to follow the Gospel of life and teach the Truth of Creation to the World. I pray that you do the same.


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